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Where can the TAC paid externships be completed?

The TAC externships can take place at any of the 64 TACs across Canada. For details and locations visit

When are the TAC paid externships completed?

Externships will take place between Summer 2023 and Winter 2024. The minimum duration of an externship is 6 months, and the maximum is 18 months.

Where are the paid internships with SMEs completed?

The internships with SMEs must be within the Atlantic provinces. You must complete a paid externship before you can complete a paid internship.

When are the paid internships completed?

Internships will take place between January 2024 and February 2025.

How long are the paid externships and paid internships?

The target duration for the externship and internship is 6-9 months each. The maximum amount of time in one placement is 12 months, and the maximum combined duration of externship and internship cannot exceed 18 months.

How many graduates will be able to take part in the program?

This competitive program is only for the highest-performing graduates, that demonstrate an ability and desire to develop highly sought-after innovation skills.

Do I need to have completed my studies?

Yes, graduates must have completed their studies within two years prior to the application deadline.

Is there a maximum age limit? Is there a minimum age limit?

Participants must be 45 years of age or younger on the application date. There is no minimum age limit, but participants must be graduating in 2023 or have graduated from one of the five participating institutions within the two years prior to the application deadline.

Do the participants need to complete both the paid externship and the paid internship?

Yes, participants must sign a contract committing to complete both the externship as well as the internship to participate. There may be legal consequences for participants who do not fulfill both of the placements.

What is the salary during the paid externship? What is the salary during the paid internship?

Salaries will be agreed upon between the participant and the TAC/SMEs.

Is the program available in both official languages?

Yes, the externships and internships are available in both official languages.

Is any travel or housing funding available to participants?

No, at this time participants must provide their own travel and housing. Host TACs may have resources at their disposal to assist, but conditions vary across the country.

Are the externs/interns paid?

Yes. All externs and interns will receive a salary from the employer.

I do not have the same kinds of applied research experiences as other potential interns. Should I bother applying?

Yes! We welcome applicants with diverse experiences who can bring new perspectives to the TACs and the SMEs they work with. The identified academic backgrounds are guidelines only. Applicants from underrepresented groups have the option to self-identify during the application process.

What kind of hours will I be expected to work?

Externs and interns are expected to work regular office hours. Like most professional work experiences, participants get out of the ex/internship as much as they are willing to invest in it. Ex/interns are not permitted to take other paid employment for the duration of their ex/internships.

Is there a fee to apply or participate?

There is no fee to apply, but only selected candidates will be contacted for further engagement.

Can I get hired after the program?

Participants are required to complete both the externship and internship phases of the program. Upon completion of both phases, the participant may be hired by either employer, but there is no guaranteed employment following the program.

What is the hiring process at the TAC?

We defer to the TAC’s hiring process which may involve multiple interviews, reference checks, verification of eligibility to work, etc. This process is between you and the TAC.

Will I be an employee or a contractor at the TAC?

The TAC needs to hire you on as an employee (whatever classification they choose) for them to participate in this program.

What is the hiring process at the SME?

We defer to the SME’s HR hiring process which may involve multiple interviews, reference checks, verification of eligibility to work, etc. This process is between you and the SME.

What is required to apply?
To apply, please send the completed application form as well as an up-to-date resume (maximum 3 pages) to
Who do I contact if I have questions?
If you have any questions about the program, please contact

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