Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)

Are you an Atlantic-based SME wanting to increase regional competitiveness through innovation and technology adoption? If you would like the unique opportunity to host a Boomerang-o-vation intern, we can help. We know you will be more motivated than anything by accessing the innovation talent, but to assist with the onboarding process, SMEs will be eligible to receive reimbursement for 50% of the salary expenses for hosting the interns up to a maximum of $17,500.

Atlantic Canadian SMEs must be Canadian owned, and must demonstrate that the proposed paid internship will allow the company to adopt emerging, enabling technologies to make their business more innovative and productive.

You will be requesting access to some of the most innovation literate, experienced applied researchers that our system generates. We are protective of our innovation talent, and we want to ensure a strong connection between you and the potential interns. Tech-Access Canada will provide you with a skills and competencies profile of each of the 10 eligible interns.

The intern will be the lead resource within the company to facilitate the knowledge transfer of what they learned as part of their paid internship with the TAC, and how it can be applied to the company’s operations.

The intern will work closely with the firm’s existing team to implement new processes, services, and/or technologies to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of the firm, regardless of the industrial sector they are supporting.

For more information on becoming a host SME for a Boomerang-o-vation intern please contact

Atlantic-based SME
Host a Boomerang-o-vation intern
50% reimbursement for salary expenses
Up to a maximum of $17,500

This program is generously supported by the Government of Canada.

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